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March 10, 2014


Many years ago, a group of pirates hid their treasure. Then to help Captain Peter find the treasure you must find, solve and follow the clues that the pirates left behind. Inside the lighthouse, Captain Peter found the secrete passage that leads to a hidden cave under the lighthouse once used by the pirates. He has left you clues to open the secrete hidden passage in the Puzzle games.

Some games may be played just for fun but most are a part of the main treasure hunt and may include clues that you will need in order to play the main Treasure Hunt game. New games and clues are being added as the theme park grows. Members will need to apply basic math skills, read the books in the series, learn about the characters and do additional research as they find clues and information that they will need to play games, discover secrets, solve mysteries, decode riddles and find the Pirate’s Treasure.

March 7, 2014


To celebrate the Theme Park Opening we are offering a special 1—Month Pass for just $1.99 (reg. $3.99 value). This is a special limited time offer so please take advantage of it and tell your friends.

A Theme Park Pass will allow virtual access to our online The Land of Alderney Theme Park. To access the theme park online you will need to be a registered member of the Tug Boat Ben Kids Club, purchase and activate the Theme Park Pass. Gift passes may be purchased and emailed to recipient.

March 1, 2014


Our first game has been added to the Theme Park. It is a puzzle game! The first twenty seven, Character Puzzles have been created to introduce members to them. Geography and Math puzzles are slated to be added later. Additional sections of the path to and inside the lighthouse will be added after the first game is operational and we add a few more features to it. Positive Member feedback is appreciated.

February 8, 2010


A new Game Console has been added to Theme Park. Members who have purchased a Theme Park Pass will, after login, be automatically directed to our new Player Game Console. It provides a common interface for players as they travel through the park. From their console players will be able to access a number of unique things that will assist them while in the park including access to their virtual vault.

Make sure that you purchase your Theme Park Pass and login to view all of the new features. Purchasing the pass today provides you the bonus of free access as we build. So take advantage of the offer while it lasts.

February 1, 2010


In first six weeks on the web, our new website received over 70,000 hits! That’s what we call a launch. No pun intended but it looks like the Tug Boat Ben Kids Club is off to a good start.

We wish to thank all the members who are doing their best to promote the club and help us build a fun place to learn and play. Remember to share you Invitation Code and collect Reward Points. We apologize if your connection to the website or login was delayed; we are looking at adding more servers to keep up with the traffic. So don’t miss the boat. Get onboard, join the club, purchase your theme park pass and be apart of the growing crew today!

January 12, 2010


Article by: Bill MacLean

New Tug Boat Ben Kids Club & Theme Park online website receives favourable media attention. This article was published in the Beach Metro Community News – Entertainment section, January 12, 2010 edition. We wish to thank the paper for this fine article and their support.

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January 4, 2010


Awesome! We have already begun shipping Welcome Kits to our members.

Club Members can receive their personal Welcome Kit after purchasing either the 6 or 12 month Pass & Kit combination package. Inside is a copy of our first title complete with map upon which we are basing the construction of our Land of Theme Park. Each kit also contains extra bonus features, so checkout our online store to see what special collector items you will receive when you get your kit. Remember to tell your friends and start collecting reward points. One member collected 12 points in their first week of membership. It’s easy and fun!

The Theme Park Pass allows free access before we “officially open” the park in addition to the time registered with the individual pass purchased. But don’t wait… by purchasing a pass you are helping us fund this project and we encourage members to provide input and testing as we build the first part of the park. You’ll have the status of knowing that you were one of the first members and maybe we included your suggestion in to the theme park.

Once we finish the part between the Train Station and the Lighthouse and have added a couple of games we will be opening the park. So take advantage of this bonus opportunity while it is available.

December 24, 2009


We are pleased to announce completion of Phase 1 of our new virtual Tug Boat Ben Kids Club & Land of Alderney Theme Park.

Kids can now join the club online and parents can purchase pre-opening passes to our new virtual Land of Alderney Theme Park, complete with a “Welcome Kit” full of extra value added items. Club Membership is FREE!

Existing Club Members are asked to renew their membership online. New features that will be linked to your membership require that you register again. The process is simple: first your parents open their Parent Account then secondly they register your Member Account. Parents are welcomed to add all members of the family as club members. The new Club Card and Club Pin are a definite must have!

Passes to our virtual Theme Park are purchased separately and then activated for a registered club member. Both 6 and 12 month passes are available. Grandparents, family or friends may purchase passes and other items in our new Online Store and have them sent as gifts to members. More information is available on our website.

To celebrate we are offering a special 30% Discount till 12/31/2009. Simply join the club and enter the discount code TugBoatBen at our online store, to receive your discount off of all purchases storewide during this special limited time opportunity.

30% Discount till 12/31/2009
Discount Code: TugBoatBen

Before we open the Main Gate to the Theme Park, Club Members will receive their Welcome Kit by courier with purchase of our Pass & Kit combination packages. The Pass activation date will be retroactive to the “Official Park Opening Date.” Members with advanced purchased passes will be given special access before we open the main gate to test games and give us their feed back as we build.

 “We have been very encouraged by the positive and overwhelming response to our new website from children and parents,” commented Kevin Watts, President of Alderney Studios Inc. during an interview.

“Many appreciate the idea of including educational content along with our entertainment activities. They also appreciate that we are providing a value added spin with the tie–in of physical things, like a book, club card and club pin, for our members along with access to the park. “Read the Book to Play the Games” is just the beginning of what we intend to do. Our interests are to encourage and build skills in reading, spelling, math, geography and science through our content in an engaging way. I have directed the team to make it simple enough for our junior members to play and interesting enough for some of us older ones to also enjoy.

With the first phase completed we can now focus full attention on the games. This is the most fun part of the whole project both for our members and for us. The second phase of our project “building the games” is well along with the first part of our 3D virtual park already built and rendered. The sky is the limit and possibilities of where our imaginary land will go seams limitless. Much of this is due to the broad spectrum of subject, setting and characters upon which the park is based. Think of anything that you can do at a theme park and we are looking at ways to incorporate that into our virtual theme park.

Incorporating an educational element, the unique broad possibilities of our park theme, and the combination of two strong gaming business models into one, with both virtual and physical gaming components, make this a very interesting and dynamic opportunity for all, both young and old alike.”

June 18, 2009


A new official group page for the Tug Boat Ben Kids Club went public on Facebook.

The purpose of the new presence is to allow an additional porthole for our fans, club members and parents a place to share comments pictures and keep informed with new events and announcements. A special fan page specifically for Tug Boat Ben is currently being set up and will go live shortly.

“With over more than 200 million active users worldwide it is a big jump into the cyber world for Tug Boat Ben and our new Tug Boat Ben Kids Club Theme Park website that will go live shortly!” announced Kevin Bradley Watts, president and CEO of Alderney Studios and creator of the Tug Boat Ben growing icon.

February 5, 2009


George had earlier been reported missing. Late today he showed up safe and well. He told of his adventures and a new fishing spot that he found. A strong wind had drifted the balloon that he was in farther away than he had expected. Then he had to wait until the wind changed directions so that he could return. We wish to thank all of our members for their support in trying to find George.

January 15, 2009


Has anyone seen George? George the Blue Heron is missing! All Club members have been asked to keep on the lookout for George. He was last seen in our new Tug Boat Ben Kids Club Balloon, floating past the lighthouse. It is a large, colorful, striped, hot air balloon with our new Club Logo on the sides. If you see him pass your home please let us know.

December 15, 2008


A new stone train bridge is being built. This will allow you to safely walk under the train tracks along the path from the train station to the lighthouse. Due to an early winter other outdoor work has slowed down. Remember to wear your hat, scarf and mittens. Let’s hope for an early spring!

October 15, 2008


Captain Peter’s lighthouse has been built. If you have read the book Ben and the Mysterious Sound, you will know about the lighthouse where Captain Peter lives. In the series he introduces each story in the forward of the book.

When you enter on the ground floor you will find the Captain’s Quarters where there is always a warm and inviting place for you to sit in front of the fireplace. You will have to check out the library, a fish aquarium and a pirate’s treasure chest.

We have turned the second floor into the “Games Room.” There you will find the “Club Desk” and a room where we will be adding activates and games for you to enjoy when you visit Captain Peter’s lighthouse. From the games room there is a spiral staircase to the top of the lighthouse. For those with energy to burn, we are building a slide that will run all the way from the top back to the games room.

We are looking forward to announcing the opening of the theme park soon. Keep checking here for more info.

August 15, 2008


Near the main entrance we have built a train station ready for the arrival of Steam Engine Tiffy. In the future, once you are in the Theme Park you will be able to hop-on-board and ride around The Land of Alderney to different destinations. Introduced in the first book of the series, Steam Engine Tiffy will be one of the main characters in the coming adventure book Ben to the Rescue! More details of this coming title to be announced.

August 1, 2008


Since our ground breaking announcement a lot of kids have been asking about the progress of our new theme park. The main gate entrance to The Land of Alderney Theme Park is nearing completion. Next we are beginning work on the train station. In the entrance area beside the water fountain there is an Admission Booth where you will be able to register your Club Membership and purchase your Theme Park Pass.

Only Club Members will be allowed to purchase the new Park Pass. If you have already joined the club, Tug Boat Ben will email you information about how to login once we open the front gate. If you have moved or changed your email address please send Tug Boat Ben an update of your information.

July 1, 2008


Alderney Studios announced that a new Tug Boat Kids Club – Virtual Theme Park is being created. The new website will include games and activities. Membership to the club is intended to remain free. Access to the new Theme Park will require a small fee that will help keep expanding and improving the new theme park. Keep checking here for more information.

March 17, 2008


TORONTO – Alderney Publishing Inc. announces launch of its Virtual Author Reading Program. This “Green Initiative” allows multiple schools and libraries the unique opportunity to invite an author for a live interactive video and audio virtual visit through the internet. Children don’t just watch they participate!

“We are very excited about this program! Everyone who hears about it wants to become involved,” commented Kevin Watts, President of Alderney Publishing Inc. during an interview. “It started as an idea to make author reading affordable, then reachable for schools in remote areas that might not otherwise have such an opportunity. Our third objective was to provide a solution which is simple and does not require any client software, plug-ins or downloads on supported systems. We have achieved those goals.”

Those who join up for the program need only a computer and internet connection (above 56k). The events are conducted through the www.Alderney website using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7.0 with flash enabled. Participants are supplied with an Event Kit that includes: camera, microphone, speakers, and full instructions. Pre–testing is conducted to confirm connectivity and configuration compatibility, ensuring a smooth user experience and successful event.

“Children who are geographically separated can now be connected and participate together during the Common Virtual Session. Imagine the possibilities!” exclaimed Watts. “We offer a special advantage compared to other methods. During a session using our one-to-many simultaneous conference solution with the author, kids in Florida might describe what it is like swimming with a dolphin after the kids in Alaska tell them about how much fun it is to snowshoe. Getting children interested and involved in books, writing and illustrating is what this program is all about.”

Teachers are encouraged to help children get involved with the process, before, during and after the event by pre-reading the book, formulating questions that they would like answered, participating and following up with book reviews and reports.

What is the difference between this program and a podcast? Primarily interactivity! While podcasts will soon be available from their website (, their Virtual Author Reading Program allows children live video and audio interactivity with the author.

Think GREEN! With spiralling fuel costs and increased awareness of our environmental impact, this program makes a lot of sense. Children can do more than just study about global warming they can do something constructive about it today by reducing their Carbon Footprint.

“Initially, the program was tailored for schools and it grew rapidly to include libraries, home schooling initiatives, day care facilities, and hospitals,” explained Watts. “Every day we are coming across new and innovative ways to adapt and enhance this program. Already we’re booking events several months ahead.

Rather than cutting the local bookstore out of the picture we are encouraging them to become involved, both in the program and as part of our sales distribution channel. We are hoping that they see that we are serious and with their support we can both benefit an industry that needs to work together.

We are also looking at opening the door so that other publishers, distributors, authors, illustrators and celebrities can utilize this program as an independent service or have our assistance in developing their own branded solution. The technology is not new but to make a solution that’s simple and workable internationally was not easy. Offering this as a service reduces the extensive development costs and implementation commitment that they would otherwise require.”

The program is currently available in English. Those who are interested in having events in another language including American Sign Language and Described Video are encouraged to contact the publisher. To support those who are hearing impaired, the interactive segment of the sessions can offer a Text Chat feature supporting direct dialogue between viewers and the author.

October 9, 2007


Article by: Bill MacLean
Photographer: Jon Muldoon

At the Tug Boat Ben Photo Event, the map of the Land of Alderney was used as background for the newspaper’s the cover story for Celebrate the Beach, with Dr. Hoo in the foreground! Kids were lined up all afternoon to have their picture taken with the characters in the series. They were pleased to take home their personalized photos to commemorate the event. The librarian was kind enough to stay an extra hour and a half after the close of the event so that we could continue taking more pictures. It was defiantly an enjoyable and successful day!

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September 25, 2007


Article by: Bill MacLean
Photographer: Jon Muldoon

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September 12, 2007

COLES/INDIGO, ELLAMINNOW AND TORONTO PUBLIC LIBRARY – Partner for Autographing and Personalized Photo Event with Tug Boat Ben & Friends

Alderney Publishing Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been invited, by the Beaches branch of the Toronto Public Library and the local BIA association, to participate in the local The Beach Harvest Festival and Sidewalk Sale to be held on September 29, 2007. Activities, centered along Queen Street in Toronto (between Lockwood and Neville Park), will include contests, scavenger hunts, and free movies at the Fox Theatre.

Coles Beaches (Indigo) and Ellaminnow Children’s Bookstore have also partnered with Alderney Publishing for the event. Parents will be able to pre-purchase books, photo tickets and special discounted book & photo combination packages at either store.

“We are very excited about this! The event is a good fit with our wholesome family entertainment profile,” commented Kevin Watts, President of Alderney Publishing Inc. “The Adventures of Tug Boat Ben, is a new children’s series that has been well received in Europe and the in the United States. The opportunity to have high profile quality bookstores like Coles and Ellaminnow promoting it together with us here in Canada is a very important statement.”

Children and parents will have a chance (weather permitting) to have their photo taken with Tug Boat Ben and some of the other animation characters from the new book Ben and the Mysterious Sound. Photos will be taken outdoors on the west side of the library facing the park from 10:00am until 4:00pm. This is the first time that this opportunity has been made available to the public.

The Beach Harvest Festival and Sidewalk Sale are organized by The Beach BIA. It is one of 60 Business Improvement Areas in Toronto. The prestigious and historical area along Lake Ontario beside the Film District known as The Beach, is home to many associated with the film industry. The BIA is an association of local business people who together with assistance from the City, work to improve business conditions in the area and also help to stabilize, revitalize and improve the prosperity of the surrounding community.

Coles Book Stores founded by brothers Carl and Jack Cole opened its first store in 1940 in Toronto. SmithBooks and Coles merged in 1995 to form Chapters Inc. and then merged again in 2001with Indigo to form Indigo Books & Music Inc. Combined it now represents the largest bookstore chain in Canada.

Ellaminnow Children’s Bookstore located in the Beaches, is independently operated bookstore that specializes in quality books for children. The store has a fine reputation of providing personalized attention to customers and offering a wide selection of popular and classical books.

“The Beaches Harvest Festival is a local event that we are happy to be a part of. At this year’s BookExpo in New York, we offered a ‘personalized photo’ aboard Tug Boat Ben. It was a big success and attracted a lot of attention!” commented the author. “Creating a personalized connection between our young readers and the characters is a fantastic and memorable way to encourage reading. It is as if they become part of the book and the adventure.”

Autographing of books by the author at the photo booth, will be open to all throughout the day. Children during the event and online are also encouraged to join the Tug Boat Kids Club.

September 11, 2007


Alderney Publishing Inc. announces that as of November 1, Ben and the Mysterious Sound will be available online in Europe through and is the trading name for companies Amazon EU Sàrl and Amazon Services Europe S.à.r.l, which are subsidiaries of Originally established in 1996 an independent online store call Bookpages, it was acquired by in 1998. Pre-release orders are currently being accepted.

September 10, 2007


Alderney Publishing Inc. announces that Ben and the Mysterious Sound will be available November 1st, through Waterstone’s, the largest bookstore chain in the UK.

“It’s exciting! Ben and the Mysterious Sound will be available at Waterstone’s. Within a month, we have gone from announcing our distribution deal with Roundhouse to being picked up by the largest bookstore in the UK. The series is definitely gaining positive attention and momentum,” stated Kevin Watts, President of Alderney Publishing. “This positions us well to move awareness of the series ahead in Europe and makes a very strong statement. Waterstone’s is a prestigious up-sell chain that is very active in promoting books. Not every book gets attention from the top this fast. We are confident that it is well placed and will do well.”

Opening in 1982, Waterstone’s, now a part of HMV Group, of which EMI is a major shareholder, is the largest bookseller in the United Kingdom. It has over 300 shops across the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands and continental Europe (Brussels and Amsterdam). The company has established a unique reputation with no two shops the same through a sympathetic re-use of architectural and historical buildings of interest. With over 4,500 enthusiastic booksellers, they strive to create an environment that encourages new readers to expand their horizons.

Roundhouse Children's is a division of the Roundhouse Group based in England, represents Alderney Publishing with sales representation and distribution throughout the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. Physical distribution of publications for The Roundhouse Group is available through Orca Book Services, a dedicated warehouse facility located on the central south coast of England. Booksellers are also provided 24/7 online access to their titles and ordering database through

Young readers may pre-order the book through stores or online at

June 1, 2007


The first title of the children’s series The Adventures of Tug Boat Ben was released in the United States at BookExpo America. Book Buyers, Librarians, Teachers, Press and even other authors packed the booth for the full 3 days of the convention. The positive responses from the industry, parents, grandparents, and children who were allowed in on Sunday, was overwhelming!

March 24, 2007


The Tub Boat Kids Club has it first website.

March 16, 2007


Book reading at Toronto Public Library – Beaches Branch on March 16, 2007 at 11:00am.

March 6, 2007

Beach Metro Community News

Beach Metro Community News
Article by: Bill MacLean

Local newspaper publishes article regarding upcoming book reading at Toronto Public Library – Beaches Branch on March 16, 2007 at 11:00am

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