Special Welcome Kit

Deluxe Welcome Kit

If this a members time to visit the Theme Park, they qualify for a “Special Welcome Kit.” This is a value added bonus that kids will definitely want. The kit is FREE! Shipping and handling costs may apply. As the club grows we are looking at offering additional kits that will contain other books in the series and items that our members will enjoy.

Club Membership Card

If you are a member of the club you will really want your own personal membership card. It is our number #1 most requested item! The Theme Park Entrance and Train Station are featured on the high gloss front panel of the Club Card with a picture of Ben and George on the back. There is a signature panel on the reverse side so that each member can personalize this treasured keepsake.

Club Collector Pin

Only the Deluxe Kit#2 contains both the Club Membership Card and Club Collector Pin along with a protective velvet pouch. The Club Pin is a 1.5 inch die cut, lead free, silhouette of our Club Logo in a distinctive blue with red and gold plated outline complete with butterfly clutch.

Wear it or attach it to your knapsack to identify that you are club member to your friends and fellow members.

Read The Book To Play The Games!

The virtual park is based on the series of books entitled: The Adventures of Tug Boat Ben. Activities and games in the park are also based on the series and a map of this imaginary land is available only inside the first book of the series Ben and the Mysterious Sound. A copy of this book is included in our Special Welcome Kit.

Members will also need to apply basic math skills and read the books in the series know the characters and do additional research as they find clues and information that they will need to play games, discover secrets, solve mysteries, decode riddles and find the Pirate’s Treasure. Making either Kit #1 or Kit #2 a must have!

Ben and the Mysterious Sound – first title in the series

Have you ever felt lonely? Many children have. One day everyone seemed to be just too busy. Oh, how lonely Ben felt! He wasn't going to stay lonely forever. In this first story Captain Peter, who lives in a lighthouse, tells us about a mysterious sound that leads two of our main characters Tug Boat Ben and George the Blue Heron, on a quest with a most unexpected encounter! What is making that sound and where will it lead them? Hop-on-board and help solve the riddle!

This first title of the series contains a map of the Land of Alderney, that children will want to follow as they read this book, subsequent stories in the series and play inside our Theme Park. It is available in both soft and hard cover editions.

Special Collector’s Edition – hard cover

Only available while supplies last! This is a must have, two thumbs ‘way-up, special limited collector’s first edition of the enchanting children’s story Ben and the Mysterious Sound. Inside is a map of the Land of Alderney that children will want to follow as they read this and subsequent stories in this series Adventures in the Land of Alderney. This map will only be available in this first title of the series. With a special commemorative 1st edition gold seal and map enclosed, this book will truly be loved and cherished for years to come. This is a limited run and will only be available for a limited time in our 12 Month Pass Deluxe Welcome Kit. Once supplies have run out we will be replacing it with the standard hard copy version without the special gold seal. Order today before you miss this unique opportunity.

6 Month Pass Premium Welcome Kit #1 (includes...)
  • Ben and the Mysterious Sound (Author & Illustrator: Kevin Bradley Watts, 11” x 8.25” perfect bound book, 32 page, full color illustrations)
  • Club Membership Card (credit card size, durable plastic, signature panel)
12 Month Pass Deluxe Welcome Kit #2 (includes...)
  • Ben and the Mysterious Sound (Author & Illustrator: Kevin Bradley Watts, 11.5” x 8.5” hardcover book c/w dust jacket, 32 page, full color illustrations)
  • Club Membership Card (credit card size, durable plastic, full color illustrations both sides, with personalized signature panel on back)
  • Club Collector Pin (lead free, 1.5” die cut, gold plated, blue epoxy painted, protective clear dome, butterfly clutch)
  • Velvet Pouch (red color, 4”wide x 5.5”high, c/w draw string, safely stores card and pin inside)
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