Parental Controls

Club Membership Account(s) for your children must be set up through a Parental Admin Account. Your Parental Admin Account allows parents control over both Club Membership Accounts and Park Access permissions. All communication with parents will be done through email, so please ensure that we have your current email address in your profile. It is up to you to update it.

How Can I Protect My Child?
In the interest of protecting children and insuring that this website is a “safe place” for children we are placing the primary responsibility on Parents to allow, disallow and monitor their children activities on this website. Please discuss with your children the need not to reveal their personal information.

How Do We Help Protect Your Child?
To support your decisions, we will not accept requests from children to change their Membership Account information or Permissions. We may forward such requests to you the parent and it will be up to you to review them with your child and make any changes that you wish through your Parental Admin Account. Some basic information is mandatory to join and to setup both Parental and Member Accounts. In your Parental Admin control panel you will be shown what information is viewable to other members such as Member Nickname, Rank and Country/State.

Member Nicknames
All Member Nicknames are unique and based on your child’s first name. Anyone found registering with a false or offensive name would be automatically denied access as a violation of club rules. An example of when their Member Nickname might be used is on Club Membership List, Contest Winners List or the Club Art Bulletin Board, where samples of their art could be on display for all members, having access to the Theme Park, to view.

Parent Admin Accounts
Through your Parent Admin Profile page, you may update your information at anytime, edit and add new club member(s) and activate/renew their Theme Park Pass. Theme Park Pass Account access and permissions can be added and controlled after payment for subscriptions has been received. By default, as new features are added to the park, access Permissions will be DENIED to your Child’s Account, until you allow them through your Admin Account.

Text Chat
We are considering adding a Text Chat function only for Club Members who have access to the Theme Park. If we do it will have to comply with these three basic requirements: 1) PARENTAL CONTROL – Parents would have full control over allowing/enabling this additional function through their Parental Admin Account, 2) LIMITED LIST – Parents would be allowed to set, control and limited the number of “known” fellow members that their child could communicate with, 3) DENIED ACCESS – Any Misuse of this function (example: inappropriate questions, obscene language) if reported by fellow members, parents or through our monitoring would be grounds for suspension, lockout of this feature, reduced club status, denied access, and/or permanent dismissal from the club.

Denied Access
Your account may be locked out and access denied indefinitely for any miss-use of either a Parental or Member Accounts or violation of club rules, without warning and without reimbursement. For your protection, should you or your children wish to report any violations, please contact our Web Administrator, who will investigate and take appropriate action as may be required.

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