My Child's Saftey

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details regarding our efforts and policies to protect your child and their information.

We recommend that children talk with their parents about joining our club. The founders of this club are parents and strongly believe that parents need to take an actives roll in what their children do. Therefore, we encourage you to read over the following information together with them.

There are three main steps that we are implementing to protect your children and their identity:

1. Parental Admin Control – Parents have full Administrative Control over their Child’s Account. As new features are added to the park, access Permissions will be denied to your Child’s Account by default, until you allow them through your Admin Account.

2. Personal Information – Please read our Privacy Policy for additional and full details about our efforts to protect your financial, personal information and that of your child’s. The only information shared outside of our company would be that required in order to fulfill purchases, correspondence with you and as may be required by law enforcement agencies.

3. Marketing & Purchases – There will be a Children’s Wish List catalogue but it will not allow them to make purchases. All visitors to our website have access to our main shopping area. However, inside the Theme Park children will not have access to our online shopping area where purchases can be made. We are developing Virtual Stores inside the Theme Park where they will use virtual money. As they play the games they will learn to earn, save and spend their virtual money in a responsible way. They can earn points/virtual money as they play games and then they learn to save and manage that money in order to purchase things like fish food, a train ticket, and things for their tree fort. That virtual money will expire if their pass is not renewed.

While full name, shipping and payment information is required from Parents to facilitate payment and shipping. All financial information is processed directly from our site by a secured connection to our Merchant. As an additional security measure you will not be redirected to a third party site. All transactions, shipping, acknowledgments and order tracking are accomplished through our website. Your financial information may be retained for a period of time as required by law for your protection and to process renewal subscriptions.

If you have a question that is not answered, please send it in an email to our Consumer Relations Department. They will try to answer your question.

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