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Kevin Bradley Watts - Author

Kevin Bradley Watts
In 1993, Kevin as an independent producer returned to his true passion and founded his own film and animation production company. The studio operates under the mandate to develop and produce quality family entertainment. As a producer, his distinguished clients have included among several, the Walt Disney Company.

Previously the author was involved with a number of interests including industrial mechanical design engineering, computer programming, scientific applications of holography, astronomy, photography and was a lecturer associated with the Physics Department at the University of Guelph.

Strongly concerned with the international need for non-violent programming for children and as a father of four, Kevin is dedicated to the support of children's issues. Through his animation and publishing companies, he is actively involved with the development and production of quality children's programming and literary material.

Intrepidly sailing with Captain Peter across the English Channel, the author Kevin Watts, in his younger days, and his friend Simon landed on a small island. Together they set out to discover this truly intriguing oasis with palm trees and tropical breezes. The stories in this adventure series were originally written to be read to his own children were inspired by a mystical island, shrouded in fog and sun, called Alderney.


The Adventures of Tug Boat Ben is a series of children’s adventure stories written by Kevin Bradley Watts. Originally created to read as bedtime stories to his children, you can now share the fun and adventures with Ben his many friends in the imaginary Land of Alderney. There are a number of characters to interest both boys and girls like Steam Engine Tiffany, George the Blue Heron and Melanie the Dolphin. Like many children, Ben wanted someone his own age to play with. If that sounds like you, then you will enjoy reading “Ben and the Mysterious Sound”. It included in your “Welcome Kit” when you purchase a Theme Park Pass. The next two adventure books are soon to be released and will be available online or at your local bookstore.

Further Stories in the Series

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Stuck In The Ice But Not Trapped
A Race With An Unexpected Ending
Lost In The Fog
Curiosity Gets In The Way
Caught In A Storm
The Mysterious Cargo
Ben Offers To Help
Fire On Board Ship
With Help From A Friend
Stranded At Sea

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