Parental Controls

What are Parental Controls?

In the interest of protecting children and insuring that this website is a “safe place” for children we are placing the primary responsibility on Parents to allow, disallow and monitor their children’s activities on this website. To support your decisions, we have provided parents a secure Parental Admin Account from which they are able to setup and administrate their account and their children’s Member Accounts.

Access Parental Controls

To access your Parental Controls you will first need to login and setup your own Parental Admin Account. All communication related to the club will be forwarded your email address. It will be your responsibility to insure that your contact information provided is updated when there are changes.

Configuring My Child’s Account

Once you have your account setup, you will be able to add, configure and administrate your children’s Member Account(s) through your Parent Admin Profile. From their member profile page you can add and remove specific permission levels for each member. Pass Activation can also be accessed through their profile page.

Theme Park Privileges

This area is under ongoing development and review. Currently we have set the defaults as indicated. It is intended that this area will allow you, the parent control over access to special features within the Theme Park that we feel you may wish to regulate.

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